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Suleiman Shaibu is an author, a business consultant and leadership expert working with senior executives and businesses on their strategy, leadership, sales management and technology challenges. His working experience spans over two decades during which he worked for leading multinational organizations like Hewlett Packard (HP), Microsoft and Temenos (Switzerland). He is a certified Clarity4D UK trainer, a Mind Map User and has attended management programs at Harvard & Lagos Business School.

Suleiman teaches mind mapping to Corporate Clients and Children between ages 8 to 19.

He and his wife annually holds a Leadership Summer Camp for Children and Teenagers. He speaks at local and international conferences (in-person and virtual).

Suleiman Shaibu co-authored a book with the renowned international author and speaker; Brian Tracy called “The Will To Win”

Keynote & Public Speaker

I speak on these topics:

  • 1. Sales

  • 2. Entrepreneurship

  • 3. Remote Working

  • 4. Goal Setting & OKR's

  • 5. Performance Management

  • 6. Technology to Enhance Workplace Performance

  • 7. Leadership

  • 8. Men Issues

  • 9. Creativity and Critical Thinking

 Business Coach

As a Business Coach, I help business owners in 4 ways:

  • 1. Get clarity on their businesses through brainstorming & advice

  • 2. Generating road map for their businesses (Strategy Session & Executive Coaching)

  • 3. Addressing Performance or People Productivity Issues

  • 4. Providing advice around Information Technology is that helping business owners stay competitive.

 Sales Coach

As a Sales Coach I help business owners and sales professionals in 5 ways:

  • 1. Coaching Sales Professionals in Meeting & Exceeding Target

  • 2. Sales Audit (Determining Capacities of Individuals and removing bottlenecks)

  • 3. Sales Audit (Determining Capacities of Individuals and removing bottlenecks)

Awards & Achievements

Get Help With Your Sales Career And Challenges

Our Offerings in B2B Selling

  • 1. B2B Sales Consulting

  • 2. Conduct B2B Sales Camp

  • 3. Recruitment of B2B Sales Professionals

  • 4. Sales Training (Physical and Virtual)

  • 5. Sales Coaching (Individual, Group or Ongoing