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To help business owners and sales professionals, we provide consulting in the following areas:

We Provide Consulting In The Following Areas

a. Sales

b. Technology

c. People Development

d. Entrepreneurship

We Deliver These Consulting Services Through

a. Workshops

b. Audits

c. Boot Camps and Retreats

d. Design Framework

e. Training & Coaching

Customer Testimonials

BFT Consulting has facilitated our year end strategic session (2018/2019) and sales training for which I happen to be a participant, so I can personally vouch that they possess the knowledge and requisite skills to handle such training and consulting services.


CEO TigerLogic Solutions

One of the reason why we maintain standards and excellence is because of the quality of leadership trainings we get from your organization. Your teachings and visual modelling have continued to resonate in our operating objectives. Thank you for all you do.


CEO Pure Souls Learning Foundation

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