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If you manage a team, department, or a business this topic (Accountability and Ownership in the Workplace) would be of interest to you, for 4 reasons:

  • The first reason is that we all want to excel on our job, we want our team or staff to be high performers, and the reason we want high performer is rather simple and straight forward, high performance means more rewards, more profit, lesser supervision and promotion (growth).

  • Some of your staff or team members are just taking up the role of a manager for the first time and to get them and the team to work and perform optimally with less friction is goal No. 1. They need the training.

  • You have been managing your team for some time now and you want to find out how to best drive better performance from the team.

  • You are in HR and you are preparing your team for a Performance Management implementation, this type of course is a prerequisite for you and your managers.

  • You know the results could be better, if only everyone was as committed as yourself, if not more but you noticed that it is not the case for some of team members.

    There are some finger-pointing going on, somewhere along the line, some people are not pulling their weight, some people within the organization seems “LOST” and some other are just barely doing their part.

    Some staff action and inaction are hurting not only the bottom line but also chasing away your hard-earned customers.

    If you have staff, team members or colleagues that are struggling with being accountable for results, taking ownership for their role or assignment within the organization then this course is for you or them.

    If any of these reasons resonate with you then you are in the right place. This course addresses these concerns and much more.

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    How to Take the Course Accountability 

    Introduction to Accountability  

    Why Costa Concordia Example 

    Definitions of Responsibility & Accountability  

    Who is Accountable (Examples) 

    Who Are You Accountable to? 

    What Are You Accountable For? 

    Difference between Responsibility and Accountability  


    Introduction to Ownership 

    Goat Farm Case Study 

    What You Invest Grows in the Business 

    Management Buy Out Examples  

    Why Ownership Matters  

    Introducing Ownership Formular 

    Ownership Formula Explained Detailed 

    Why Employees Don't Take Up Ownership 

    What Employees Can Do About Ownership  

    What Side on the Divide and Which Direction 

    Mindset Change + Behaviour  

    Case of Two Managers Mourinho and Southgate 

    ownership is all about you  


    Who Got to South Pole First Case Study 

    Lessons from South Pole Case Study 

    Who is a Leader 

    We Want to Lead BUT 

    Why is Leadership Important