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How Entrepreneurs Can Thrive in a Digital Age

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Description of Entrepreneur Thrive Digital Age

The business world has changed drastically over the years, competition is stiffer, its tough to get noticed in the crowd, technology is changing at break speed, business owners are trying to play catch up, people issues are ever present and new ways of generating or increase revenue is becoming tougher:

This online course helps business owners to get a full grasp of the 8 key priorities that is important to a business owners’ survival in a fast-paced digital world. The topics are explained in an easy way for business owners to grasp whiles creating an outlet for owners to save time and offering solutions that help businesses to stay competitive in a digital world.

Who is this course for:Business Owners, Sales & Marketing Directors, Head of Strategy, HR Managers?

What You will learn:

  • 8 top priorities

  • Why it pays to invest in your most prized company asset: Your People

  • Role of Social Media and what business owners must do take advantage of it

  • Importance of Goal Setting and Alignment in growing a performance driven organization

  • Why investment and leveraging Information Technology must be part of the cornerstone of your business strategy.

  • How and why, you should nurture and enhance creativity and critical thinking within your organization.

  • How to identity a Sales Organization (Do you consider your organization and what you must do to develop your organization into one)

  • Requirement:

    1. Personal Computer or Table.

    2. Internet Connectivity

    3. Your Attention

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    Example of Table of Contents

    See content and what topics are covered in depth

    Welcome to the Mini Course

    Introduction for Entrepreneurs  

    8 Things and Intro  

    Topics Being Covered 

    Goal and Vision Alignment

    Goal and Vision Alignment 

    Resource for Goal Setting 



    Performance Management

    Performance Management 

    Effects of no performance management system 

    Reviewing and Rethinking Your Performance Management System  

    Statistics on performance management 

    Leveraging Technology

    Leveraging Technology 

    Cost of Technology  

    Importance of Technology  

    Leveraging Social Media

    Leveraging Social Media

    Benefits of Social Media

    Social Media Platform

    Social Media Statistics

    Sales Organization

    Sales Organization  

    Sales Changes in Mindset  

    Common Issues Sales Organization  

    Critical Thinking and Creativity

    Critical Thinking & Creativity Intro 

    Reasons for NOT embracing Critical Thinking and Creativity 

    Why People Embrace Critical Thinking &   Creativity 


    Top 10 Sought After Skills 

    Personal Development and Leadership

    Personal Development and Leadership

    Importance and Benefit of Training Your Team

    Risk of Training People

    People Development in International Companies

    Change of Mindset Around People Development