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Description of Remote Working for Business Owners and Employees

Working remotely or virtually, is the new normal for many organization and individuals, with the advent of the pandemic, we have seen more businesses (out of necessity and strategy) adopt a remote working or hybrid method of working.

This online course teaches about the impact of remote working on businesses from the view of the business owners and the employees, their concerns, impact on productivity, culture and methods and techniques for staying product when working from home or remote. Tools and steps for implementing a successful remote working system has also provided.

Who is this course for: Business Owners, HR Managers, IT Managers and Employees?

What You will learn:

  • What is required from work remotely as an individual, manager or owner

  • Tools available for remote working (Pro & Cons)

  • Top 7 concerns of employers or business owners around implementing remote working

  • Top concerns of employees about remote working (e.g. infrastructure, health, privacy etc) and how they should be addressed

  • Addressing sensitive issues such as Performance, Privacy and Process (Change Management)

  • Implementation methodology (step by step) of what it takes to implement remote working

  • 5 Stages of remote working and how to tell what stage or level your organization is working in

  • Which remote working style is suitable to you or your organization?

  • Financial Simulation of What it takes to implement remote working for a small organization.

  • Requirement:

    1. Personal Computer or Table.

    2. Internet Connectivity

    3. Your Attention

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    Example of Table of Contents

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    Welcome and Introduction

    Introduction to Remote Working 

    Why this Course? 

    Who is this training for? 

    What Your Will Learn 

    Result for business owners/ employers 

    Results for Employees  

    Selling Virtually

    Virtual Selling (Six Things to Know)  

    Culture and Trust

    Impact of Culture on Remote Working  

    Is Remote Working for You or Your Organization (Pros and Cons)

    Is your Company ready for remote working 

    Pros and Cons of Remote Working 

    Business Owners and Employees Concerns

    Business Owners' Concerns 

    Employee Concerns 

    Productivity and Health

    Four things that impact productivity 

    Impact of health on productivity 

    Block out time 

    Managing Virtual Meetings 

    Remote Working Tools

    Video Conferencing Tools 

    Instant messaging 

    Features of a good monitoring tool 

    Project Management tools 

    File sharing apps 

    Microsoft Teams 

    Six monitoring tools for Remote Workers 

    Pros of monitoring tools 

    Cons of using monitoring tools 

    Security for remote working 

    Levels of Remote Working

    Intro and level 1 

    Level 2: Replicating the office online 

    Level 3: The Medium  

    Level 4: Asynchronous 

    Level 5: Nirvana Ultimate 

    Implementing Remote Working

    Implementing Remote Working for Businesses 

    Terms of Reference for Remote Working Committee 

    Remote working budget simulation 

    Bonus Section

    FAQ by Employer or Business Owners 

    FAQ by Employee  

    Implementing Remote Working Map (Quick Summary)  

    Steps to remote working implementation