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If you are a business owner, B2B Sales professional or an individual passionate about personal development, they find this book very useful and handy for your business development and career. This book is written by individuals (entrepreneurs) and core professionals with Brian Tracy

In this online course, we would discussing a wide range of topics name:   

  • How to sell your business larger than its worth  

  • Domesticating Fear (In order to grow you have to do bold things) 

  • How to drive change in your organization (this section can apply not only to you business but your own career)  

  • Lessons learnt working for a multinational corporation like Microsoft  

  • Developing the right mind set both as individual and a professional  

  • Imbibing a culture (Habit) of Growth  

  • What you will get:  

  • 2 hours video covering the topics listed above  

  • Schematics & Mind Maps for some topics (valued at N25,000 or $80) like:  

  • Driving Change (Factors that drive change)  

  • Domesticating Fear (Stages for leaving your comfort zone) 

  • Steps to Selling your business  

  • Developing Your Mindset  

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    Example of Table of Contents

    See content and what topics are covered in depth

    Domesticating Fear

    Things to know about FEAR 

    FEAR & Wild Dog Analogy 

    Domesticating Fear (by Peter Wolfing)  

    Solutions to addressing Fear 

    Driving Change in the Organisation

    Introduction to Change in Organizations 

    Reasons Why Company Change 

    Driving Change in Organisation (Ezekiel Terol )  

    How to Sell Your Organization

    Why Business Owners Sell Their Organizations 

    Steps for Making Your Organization more valuable  

    Steps Your Business Broker Take Before Selling Your Company 

    Lessons Learnt Working for Microsoft

    Performance Management (Quota Commitment)  

    People Development   

    Openness and Adaptability  

    Work Life Balance – Work from Home

    Embracing and Leveraging Change  


    Developing Right Vision & Mindset

    How Mindset Affect Culture & Performance  

    Type of Mindset (Fixed or Open) 

    Casting Your Vision (Personal, Business & Career)  

    Mental Toughness

    Power of Relationship

    Building Alliances – Survival Game Example  

    R in BRANT (of Selling)  

    Networking Socially

    Selling ‘N Digital Era

    Storytelling is Believing 

    Winners Show Up